Homework for Wendy 14/03/12

March 13, 2012 at 1:26 pm (Uncategorized)










  1. laf1993 said,

    See I don’t know if their are more cons to animal testing. I mean I am a big animal lover, and I wouldn’t want to see an animal suffer but the research they provide is highly benfiicial. I mean firstly animal behaviour is often quite similar to humans. Squirrels for example do display altruism and it leads us to question if human behaviour really is that complex.

    Another argument with animal testing is whether it is wrong if the animal never knows any different. I guess some would also argue that the owner (i.e. the researcher) gives consent then this is enough and if the animal ‘volunteers’ e.g. gets a reward then this also covers the concept of voluntary partipation.

    I don’t personally support this, you can’t really explain something to an animal even the smartest of chimps, but I do think animal research has and can be extreamly beneifical and often the ends outweight the means. There are ethical forms in place as well and hopefully most animals do not suffer to much to benefit us.

  2. laf1993 said,

    Well that was a fail, posted it on the wrong entry!!!! Soz

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